Top Tenant Excuses: I can’t pay rent because…

Image result for what's your excuse pictureFor every month, it is normal for a landlord to hear a lot of excuses
from their tenant when they can’t pay the rent. Let me list all the
common ones:

1. The traffic is really bad today, so I can’t meet you today.

Image result for traffic jam cartoon 600 x 300

As we know that in the capital city traffic is everywhere ,
so yeah tenant will take this kind of excuses.

2. My car broke down and is at the service center for the whole month, so I can’t go to your office.

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Actually there’s another options if their car really broke down,
like they can take public transports.

3. I can’t withdraw cash because the bank is closed today.

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If they’re being responsible , then they will prepare the rent
payment the day before.

4. I hate driving in the rain/snow.

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5. I don’t have time to go to ATM.

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It’s not an excuses , they can prepare it the day before.

6. Sorry I forgot, I thought it is due next week.

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This is a very common excuses, most of tenants will give this kind
of excuses just because they don’t have the reminder.

7. I’m very busy with work, so I can’t pay you the rent for now.

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A lot of works, will be an excuses for tenants to pay late the

8. I’m out of the country right now, will pay you once I’m home !

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All that excuses will not be problem as you use Rent Guard system.
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