Being an Independent Real Estate Agent vs a Corporate Agent

Being a property or real estate agent can be a very rewarding career for those who are hardworking and maintain a good relationship with their clients. Some real estate agents work for a company, like a developer or a real estate agency whereas some others are independent or freelancers. Some agents may be wondering what the difference between being attached to a corporation as opposed to going at it alone.
The truth is, both being a freelance agent and corporate agent has its benefits and negative sides. Continue reading “Being an Independent Real Estate Agent vs a Corporate Agent”


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根据Chur Associates创办人Chris Tan律师,大马目前还没有租约法律,且大部分现有有关产业租赁的法律,都偏向保障租户多于业主。

Tan在2018年10月20日、由EdgeProp.my主办的 “Are you destroying your investment in Real Estate?”讲座会时表示:“这也是为什们当你的租户没有按时付租金,你也不能随意的驱赶租户。” Continue reading “出租房子,屋主的五大恶梦”