Issue of Stuck in Traffic Jam in Malaysia

Issue of Stuck in Traffic Jam in Malaysia

We all know that dreaded feeling of getting stuck in traffic jams during rush hours and it definitely isn’t fun as we are quite literally wasting our time. According to the research, Malaysia is the fifth spot among the cities in South East Asia.

According to a study done by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) known as “Unlocking Cities” the findings show that people living in Kuala Lumpur spend about 53 minutes stuck in traffic jams every day! If you summed up the minutes stuck in traffic for one whole year, that’s a whopping 13.4 days in total!

These traffic jams also lead to loss in productivity and of course, the infamous “Malaysian timing” as a 15-minute drive can lead to it being a 1-hour drive or more because of the dreaded congestion.

As the study stated that about 83% of respondents in Kuala Lumpur expressed a wish to own a car in the next five years, which would only increase the current congestion woes we face daily.

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