How To Deal With My Bad Landlord

bad landlord

We don’t all have the luxury to choose our own house. Sometimes budget restricts us, sometimes its our job location, sometimes its even our family. At that point, we’d have to make do with the unit we got. It may be more rundown than we wanted, it may be infested with cockroaches, it may even have an existing tenant. But what choice would you have? Unfortunately, this also makes us easily exploitable by the landlords. They may neglect your claims, charge an exorbitantly high price or even frequently threaten you eviction if you don’t follow their orders. Even though you may need that property, it is important to exercise your rights and not take it lying down. Here’s how to deal with that bad landlord.

1. Refer back to your lease agreement

bad landlord

Most of the time, the lease agreement will have stated agreements that both parties have agreed to. Through here, you will find if the landlord is obligated to fix up your broken property or if they have the right to raise the rent at any point. If they have broken an agreement, you can refer it back to them. Usually, they would begrudgingly agree, but sometimes they may fight back. With the lease backing you, know that you have the upper hand. However, keep in mind that even though the bad landlord is not following the lease agreement, you too have to follow the agreement.

2. Keep a record of everything that happens

bad landlord

In case things get complicated, it is always good to keep a record of event down so you can refer back to it. For example, the bad landlord may have stated a discounted rental price in return for you fixing an appliance. You should not comply to this but sometimes you may be in a rush for that appliance. However, he may come back and say he promised no such thing on the rental date. With a proper record, you can claim that discount if need be. A record can also help keep the bad landlord in check, as no one wants their unsavory practices noted and spread through social media.

3. Communicate with your landlord

bad landlord

Before taking any drastic actions, make sure your landlord is indeed a bad landlord. Easiest way to confirm is to just talk with him. When the landlord can’t fix the property, instead of just complaining online prematurely, find out why. Of course it could be that he is a bad landlord and thus can’t be bothered to fix it. But he could also have his own problems right now, such as a lack of funds or being too busy with work. If so, come to an agreement to push it to a later date or to find other means to compensate you. Bad landlords aren’t always due to incompetence, it could also be unfortunate circumstances, and it’s only right to give a chance. However, keep in mind that you should only tolerate so many chances in case you get taken advantage of again.

4. Seek legal advice

bad landlord

Now that you know he goes against the agreement, have a record and made sure he’s a bad landlord. You can take legal action. Make sure you have a good lawyer on your side and you are sure to win the case. Most of the time, the threaten of a lawsuit can frighten the bad landlord, but if not, don’t hesitate to bring it to court.

bad landlord

5. Leave

Finally, there are times where you have no choice. You do not have the money for a lawyer, or the agreement has a small vague note that vastly contains and allows the bad landlord’s actions. At that point, there is little you can do. You can only choose to tough it out or leave.



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