How to be a Successful Property Agent

property agent

A property agent is someone that helps in managing property. This can be simple management, selling or renting. The lucrative thing about it is that they dip their toes into the property market, and even though they don’t own the property, can still earn a fair paycheck. However, it should be noted that this job is commission based. This means that your pay depends on how many deals you can close. Covid-19 did not make their lives any easier. But, with the vaccine incoming, it may be time to start learning the tips of becoming a successful property agent.

1. Find Leads

property agent

So there’s 2 ways a property agent can get leads, either approach or be approached. To be approached, you have to be very vocal about. You could post your rental successes on social media, or make a website for yourself. On the other hand, you can find property owners online through websites such as , where thousands of owners post their property online looking for tenants. Depending on their desperation, they may enlist your help.

2. Don’t turn down deals

property agent

This is especially true if you’re a new property agent. As a new player in this market, it’s important to build a track record. After all, no landlord would pay a random dude to manage their property. However, they may be willing, if the payment is low. This may not be the best of deals for you, but it’s an important starting point. The more your reputation grows, the better deals you can cut for yourself. These trash deals may also lead to more contacts and deals. Who knows? The landlord’s friend may offer you to manage their property too.


3. Keep in touch with the owners

property agent

These clients are your source of income, and it should be noted that the property will still exist after the tenancy period. You should try your hardest for the owner to enlist your help again after the tenant leaves. In this aspect, you could just contact the owner again after the tenancy ends, but this may not be the best move. After all, from the property owners’ point of view, you’re very predatory and only wants their money. Thus, keep in touch with them, ask about the property, talk to them about the current market climate and other things. As a property agent, you could claim yourself a loyal customer. As a person, you could also claim yourself a good friend.


4. Communication skills

Communication Skills

If it wasn’t evident from the previous points, communication skills are very important. It doesn’t matter how good your track record is, a property owner will be reluctant to let their property to a property agent that is rude and condescending. A property agent that only speaks Chinese may not get much leads from a Malay or English communities. Also, with good communication, you can build better relations with the property owners and get across your own merits without causing any miscommunications.

property agent

5. Agency

property agent

Finally, you could join an agency. You could get many benefits from joining one. This includes more leads, more tenants and a backing if anything goes wrong. If you’re new, they may also assign you a coach. This coach will guide you through the basics and put you on the right track of being a successful property agent.



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