Rental Benefits that comes with Paying Rent

rental benefits

Rent is something we have to live with. For some, it’s just a bill to pay, for others, it’s a hard barrier that they have to work continuously to overcome. We have to pay the rent to keep living in that house. However, paying rent isn’t all bad. There are methods to derive other rental benefits from paying rent.


1. Credit Card Points

rental benefits

First of all are the credit card points. Most credit cards will generate points when it is used. These points are a percentage of the payment done and can be used to earn variable rewards from the bank. This could be cashbacks, electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, mall vouchers and many more. In this regard, paying rent using a credit card can prove to be a fairly lucrative rental benefit. This is because paying rent tends to be a very large money outflow, giving more credit card points to you and in turn giving you more rewards from the bank. Thus, it’s better to pay rent using a credit card to earn that rental benefit.

2. Bank Rewards

Before paying your rent, you should pay attention to any other rewards your chosen bank provides. For example, Maybank has a system known as treat points. Similarly to credit cards, Maybank will give a certain amount of treat points every time a transfer is made. These points can then be used to redeem rewards. In case payment with credit card are not supported when paying online, this is a valid choice when paying rent. Therefore, you can earn some rental benefits by following any supported service your chosen bank provides.


3. Other benefits

rental benefits

Alternatively, you can use rental services such as RentGuard. RentGuard is a system which helps the landlords to collect rent from the tenants. To encourage the tenants to use their service, they have given away RM50 cashback for tenants that use their services. As a tenant, you should always be on the look out for services like these that may provide rental benefits when paying rent.

Final Words

Paying rent is a large outflow of cash that many of us dread. However, it isn’t always doom and gloom. If we were to look around a bit, we can find rental benefits that comes from paying rent. Who knows? that little bit of benefit may be what makes or breaks the rental payment at the end of the month.

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