Things To Look Out For When Getting A New House


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Buying or renting a new house or apartment is not something we do everyday. It’s costly and not something we can easily reverse. Thus, it is a choice that we will always be anxious about. To ease the anxiety, we can keep checking the property to make sure we’re making the right choice. However, there could be something we missed that we will always regret missing. Here, we will try to list out the things to look out for before making that big choice.

1. Condition of the house and its appliances

new house

The obvious first thing to look at is the general condition of the property. If there’s any obvious problems such as a flickering light, a leaky faucet or a broken window, consider getting a different property or to ask for a discount. Cleanliness is also a point that should be considered, in case there are unremovable stains. However, it is better to check all the little details to make sure no small problems could lead to annoyances in the future. To list out the details that could use some inspection:

-walls, doors, floor, windows

-electrical outlets, cables, smoke detectors, lights, ceiling fan, air conditioning, fuse box,

-toilet, sink, shower, tub

-closet, bed,  blinds and shades

-oven, stove, refrigerator, other kitchen appliances

2. Condition of the surroundings

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One shouldn’t ignore the surroundings when choosing the property. For example, the apartment may be very close to a busy road which may make it very noisy. The cleanliness of the surroundings may also cause discomfort. Make sure there isn’t a rubbish dump nearby. The local population should also be checked on. You can look at the general populace or ask your neighbors about the nearby environment. While you’re there, you could also make sure your neighbors are kind, and if not at least safe and sane.

3. Condition of the house throughout the day

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One inspection may not fully display the experience of the property. You should check the house throughout the day, especially during the day, the night, morning rush and evening rush. This may reveal problems that may not be apparent before that. This includes, a loud traffic during the rush hour, noisy children playing outside, pests that may come out at night, malfunctioning street lights at night and other possible problems.

4. Ease of access

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If you plan on living in this new property, chances are its because of your employment or education. Thus, how easy it is to get to your job or university is very important. Optimally, the property should be near the needed destination. However, this isn’t always possible. Alternatively, if you are able to afford a car, make sure that there is parking available and the traffic jam is not too unbearable. If you’re unable to get either, see if there is any nearby public transport, such as buses, trains, and metros.

5. Things you cannot see

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There are also problems that you cannot see but are equally important. Most importantly is the cell phone reception and the Wi-Fi connection. Internet connection is one of the most important thing for every citizen and it is important that the connection is stable. If that is unaffordable, you can look for a nearby restaurant or cafe that offers free Wi-Fi. In rare occasion, you should also keep mention of the temperature of the property. It may be too hot in the afternoon or too cold at night.

6. The paperwork

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Finally, if the offer is too good, it may be a good idea to check out the paperwork for any catches. The price may rise, the house may have past incidences, the landlord may try to scam you and other problems.

new house

7. Final Thoughts

Even if you find the perfect property that ticks all the right boxes, it’s best to not jump on the offer immediately. You should check out the other properties to find either a better one or a cheaper one. In the end, this is a heavy choice and it is best to make a choice you won’t regret.


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