5 Ways to Grow Your Agency with Smart Agency Systems


smart agency systems

How do you really think you can satisfy the needs of all your clients, marketing campaigns and goals by leveraging on your limited resource? The answer’s simple – by using a Smart Agency Systems for your agency.

As you may able to  juggle between multiple tasks daily, yet it doesn’t mean you can be a superhero. In fact, nobody can.  

Ready to start with it? Check the features smart agency system software has to offer. Here is the 5 ways to grow your agency with a smart agency systems:

1. Quick pathway to grow your service curve

smart agency systems

Many agencies start out big with just customer reviews and social marketing. Then you face some bigger customers who want more from you. We understand that you want to become more of a full-service property agency to keep up your customers and offer them more value. Well, you can do all of that by turning your agency into a one-stop solution and by reducing the list of cluttered unfulfilled tasks.

Now whether you want to attract new customers, keep your existing ones in line or amplify your bucket size of service,  allows you to do all of these just at your fingertips. The more you offer your customers, the more your customers will be attracted to your service. And you become a full-service marketing agency that fulfills every need of customers and keep reaping the fruits of sales.

2. Client on-boarding made easy and organised

smart agency systems

As you choose to go for smart agency systems to manage your rented property, you just have to keep track your property and rental collection status with fingertips. That’s what you need to do. The rest of it is done by the agency system, but with more money in your pocket. No, it’s not magic, it’s the boon of the smart agency systems.

Perhaps, using RentGuard, you can easily onboard your new clients with emails, calls and handle customer service needs in synchronization with your service offerings. Your hired software does all of it, including customer service, the fulfillment of tasks and managing heavy tasks in just a go.

3. It’s time to focus on your core competencies

smart agency systems

When you have a ready-made system that manages all your fulfillment needs, you can focus on running your business. You can think about selling, managing your leads conversion, and handling other service areas which are not the expertise of your business team. By doing so, you can free up more time for yourself as smart agency systems handled all the monotonous tasks.

In a report, it’s found that 70% of the companies claimed that lead conversion and closing more deals are on top of the priority list for making growth in business. Additionally, 55% of them considered website traffic as the topmost priority.

smart agency systems

Hence, it’s proved again that by using the RentGuard system, you’ll be able to concentrate more on stuff such as promote your rent property and growth of leads. Let, the system to manage the tough task in automated.

4. Keep coming up with more recurring revenue

smart agency systems

If you’re an agency looking to increase your recurring revenue, then you must keep trying to get as many customers as you can. If a single customer leaves, so does the revenue stream. A study found that only 5-30% of the revenue in a company comes from new customers. So, when you keep your existing customers, they grow with you.  Meaning that once they extent their tenancy period, which allows you to earn almost 90% of the recurring revenue.

Doesn’t it sound cool? It obviously does! For your agency, a recurring revenue may look like a monthly fee that you need to pay for salary or training to your staff, even more. Specifically, using a smart agency systems is simply a set up of a monthly cost for a readily built team of experts.

Since a bad hire can cost you quite a bit, it’s justifiable that you refrain yourself from putting your money into vain. RentGuard is a life savior for your agency at a very low upfront cost.

5. Maximized team of trained experts

smart agency systems

Once you get using the smart agency systems, forget the worries of manage your landlords and tenants at the same time. You can start your rented property management with the automated platform. Most significantly, you don’t have to delve into complicated HR issues, hiring and training your staffs that are out of your league.

So, by getting a  platform to run your property management, you’ll be letting go off all your hurdles of hiring and recruiting, enjoy the blessing having dynamic tools to manage your business.

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