Tips to be happy landlord in collect rent

collect rent

collect rent

When come to collect rent, not every rental collection method is right for every landlord. Looking at these few  factors can help you determine the method that will work best for you and your tenants.

1. Distance

rental collection

If you live far from your rental unit, hiring a third party to collect the rent or request tenant doing an may be better options for you.

2. How many tenant you currently deal with?

rental solution

If you have own 20 rental units, you probably don’t want to personally knock on 20 doors to collect rental on the first of every month. You will want a more easy and efficient way to collect rental

3. Are you OK with Technology?

rental system

If you are not comfortable with technology, you may prefer to collect the rent in person.

4. Desire to Interact With Your Tenants:

collect rent

You may only have two rental units and may live less than a 5KM from your rental property but prefer to have a more hands-off approach to managing. In this case, an online funds transfer or WhatsApp may be the best ways for you to get your rental

Perhaps you can consider a hassle free solution 

RentGuard rental system provides a hassle free solution on rental collection support credit and debit card by automatic deduct tenants rental and deposit it to landlord bank account.

collect rent

RentGuard Rental Collection – Free up your time

Why using rental system is much easy to handle tenants?

    • Contactless
    • Automatic collect rental
    • Due date reminder via email / SMS
    • Automatic invoice and receipt generator
    • Multi collection method – credit card / saving account / current account
    • Tracking system
    • Blacklist system

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collect rent

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