Rental solution: 6 Ways to Stand Out In The Rental Market


rental solution

rental solution

In a rental market where tenants have the upper hand and plenty of choice, the onus is on the landlord to ensure their home stands out to prospective renters. And even in busier market conditions, it pays dividends to make your home a true contender for top quality renters.

For most properties, it’ll only take a few minor improvements to achieve a lot more interest. Here are six ways to make your home stand out:

1) Clean and maintain the home

rental solution

Do not have your property photographed and open to tenants until it is clean and ready for the critical eyes of its next occupants. Quality tenants are attracted to home that appear well-cared for as it lets them know you’re prepared to undertake maintenance and repairs. It also means you have set the standard you expect for when the tenant vacates. Consider a cleaner, including a carpet steam cleaner, to get the home into tip-top condition before you lease it out.

2) Rental Collection 

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rental solution
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3) Price it well

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Pricing a property well doesn’t always mean it will be “priced low”. Pricing a property too low may ensure your net is large enough to scoop up a big selection of applicants, but it may also result in the bycatch of tenants who can’t actually afford the area – or your future rental increases.

Instead, price to the market – no more, no less. You are looking to set the rent fairly, so you’re not putting off tenants who are savvy about what they should pay in your local area. Speak to your property manager about what similar homes are renting for and the future market movements.

4) Accurate, clear descriptions

Be transparent with your tenants in the description that you put in the advertisements. Include specific details about how many rooms there are, the features of the home and the rent cost.

If you accept pets or are willing to consider them, include that in the listing. If you don’t, make a mention of it to avoid unnecessary inquiries. This added information will allow tenants to quickly choose or avoid applying for your rental, allowing you to have the most interested people apply.

If there is a gardening service or regular pool cleaning included, note it down. Often, critical attractive points are left out of the advertisements to the detriment of the owner. This could include noting that the property is recently renovated, has upmarket appliances or is close to brand new. If it’s not immediately obvious, point it out.

5) Renovate

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If you’re intending to undertake minor renovations, such as changing the white goods, then do so before a new tenant looks at the home. This could make your property far more desirable and get you on their wish list before your neighbours’ home.

While tenants will usually opt for a new property first, well-renovated and well-kept homes come in a close second. Have a good look at what other homes are available for rent to ensure you’re not falling behind the pack.

6) Highlight lifestyle qualities

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The best tenants will want to be in the property for some time and so will be interested to know about the area and local amenity. It’s worth including photographs of views, if you have an impressive outlook, and some details as to how far the property is from the shops, or public transport, to impress a new tenant.

This is particularly critical if the home happens to look further than it is from nearby amenity – encourage renters by showing them just how easy living in the area is. You could consider some information in your description about walking distances to nearby features.

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