Discounts should be given to all buyers

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I AM one of the many unhappy buyers of PR1MA’s Residensi Brickfields affordable homes. Last weekend at the Home Ownership Campaign 2019, I learnt that PR1MA Corporation would be offering discounts to new buyers of Residensi Brickfields

Buyers of the Type B and C properties would be given a 10% discount (RM299,000 discounted to RM269,100, and RM380,000 reduced to RM342,000) and Type A 15% (RM270,000 brought down to RM229,500).

As an early buyer, I have lost 10% of my property value even before vacant possession because of PR1MA’s decision to offer the discounts. This is not a small amount as I had to save up for many years just to afford the 10% down payment of RM30,000.



Giving these discounts is immensely disappointing and unfair to the early buyers who have paid the full price and are currently servicing their loans.

How are we going to enjoy any appreciation in the future if home prices can be slashed just like that? We have suffered losses even before we receive the keys to our property.

PR1MA is a housing development programme in Malaysia by the government for the rakyat, thus it should be fair to all the buyers. Discounts must be offered to one and all.

PR1MA is not a private developer that can just simply drop prices for their properties and leave early buyers in the lurch. I demand an explanation and compensation for early buyers like myself who have already signed their sale and purchase and loan agreements and are currently servicing their loan interests for the full amount.

Source: TheStar

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