Being an Independent Real Estate Agent vs a Corporate Agent

Being a property or real estate agent can be a very rewarding career for those who are hardworking and maintain a good relationship with their clients. Some real estate agents work for a company, like a developer or a real estate agency whereas some others are independent or freelancers. Some agents may be wondering what the difference between being attached to a corporation as opposed to going at it alone.
The truth is, both being a freelance agent and corporate agent has its benefits and negative sides.

Independent Real Estate Agent

Advantages of being independent agent :

  • Out of the structured environment of corporation
  • Implement own style of sales
  • Controlled by yourself to get more personal with clients
  • Flexibility
  • Unlimited to increase sales opportunities

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Disadvantages of being independent agent :

  • No basic salary (depends on your rely solely on commission from sales as a source of income )
  • No support system
  • Don’t have much of networking with other agents

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Corporate Real Estate Agent

Advantages of being corporate agent :

  • Monthly Basic salary
  • Support system & tools to succeed
  • Training
  • External motivation system to approach sales targets
  • Rewards ( achieve your goals)
  • Have more networking with agents from your own agency and other agencies

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Disadvantages of being corporate agent :

  • Working hours are not fixed
  • Limited sales (selling what the company wants you to sell, which may be limited)
  • The commission get from the sales of individual property units
  • You might not be able to implement your own style of sales in the corporation agent

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So, all those are the advantages and disadvantages for being Independent & Corporate Real Estate Agent. So, have you found out whether you are a successful real estate agent? If yes, then a big congratulation to you. If not, then try to improve the situation with the tips that we mentioned above.

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