4 Steps to Sell Yourself as an Agent

4 Steps to Sell Yourself as an Agent

Dressing up plays an extremely important role

,for real estate agents. Their first appearances are the most important, as they will be judged based on how well they dress and how they present themselves almost immediately by clients during the first meeting. And sadly, whether the client chooses to continue using the agent or not, will be based on the opinion the client forms during those first few moments.

Below are some of the things that a property agent should pay attention to before meeting with their client.

1. The Dressing
The clothing an agent wears is of utmost importance. Turning up in Bermuda shorts, a sleeveless top and flip flops is guaranteed to get yourself turned away immediately. However, dressing up in a 3-piece suit with tie and boots is not the best way to integrate yourself with the client either.

A real estate agent will need to dress according to the place of the meeting. If the meeting place is in the client’s house, a semi-casual look with polo-T, formal pants and a smart pair of shoes is fine. If meeting in a sales gallery, an office shirt with office pants and men’s boots will be better.

The trick to identifying what is appropriate to wear is to dress according to the meeting venue.

2. A Decent Fashion Sense
In as superficial as this may sound, having a good sense of dressing is important. This is because most clients will have more sense of respect for a well dressed person with a good dressing style. Pay attention to your shoes, ensure that they match your outfit. And try not to wear colours that are too flamboyant or flashy as they may come across as “not serious”; instead try to go for darker and more earnest colours to bring your personality across.

3. Personal Hygiene
This is another very telling aspect. Do you have body odour? If you do, don’t forget your anti-deodorant in the morning. And even if you don’t have an issue with body smells, everyone will occasionally start to get a bit fragrant if they have been sweating. So if you are going to meet a client, ensure that you don’t sweat before meeting them. Not only will you look dishevelled, you may also be carrying an unwanted fragrance.

The second point is bad breath. Anyone who has not been talking for a while will not have very nice breath. Meeting a client after lunch also increases the chance of meeting your client with bad breath. The trick to this is to carry a bottle of mint chewing gum around with you. Chew on one before meeting with your client, and make sure you spit it out before meeting them. This way, you will have nice breath when you talk to your clients. A breath spray will work just as well.

Finally, if you are a man, make sure you don’t miss your morning shave before meeting your clients. Unless facial hair looks good on you, you will look like a hobo – not a good look for a real estate agent.

4. Your Personal Ride
Finally, again in as superficial as it sounds, driving a decent car is important. It is no secret to why the more successful real estate agents drive flashy cars – their cars are a sign of their success. Even if you cannot afford a Mercedes or BMW, at least ensure that your car is clean and well cared for. It will be a telling sign on your personality.

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