Tenant being irresponsible to your precious property? Catch them with RentGuard!

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I am not a landlord actually, but I was once hired to evict someone. It was one of the most terrible experience that ever happened to me before. Once we went inside the unit, the smell and dust inside the unit were awful, we had to step out for a moment to think whether to continue the process or do it another time.

Trash everywhere, I can’t even find any empty spots on the floor. Added with weird stains such as urine made me teared up and almost puked on the floor, thankfully I was able to prevent it from happening. The sofa and carpet look rotten, I don’t even want to know what is beneath them, I know for sure there will be all type of bugs in it. Definitely I will be passed out once I see them.

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Due to their electricity being cut off, the food inside the fridge went bad, really bad, especially the raw chicken. I got goosebumps while thinking about it. Think about it, the living room and kitchen room were already this bad, what about the toilet? I have no words, I will keep it by myself for now as I don’t want to ruin your day, even though I already did. Actually, there are more things that I wanted to talk about but I will stop here for today.

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If you use RentGuard system, you can blacklist this kind of tenant directly.

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