Five apps to help you stay calm and connected during MCO

You can form a group of say, four people to have fun MCO-approved game nights. — Houseparty

You don’t have to feel isolated or stressed as you observe the movement control order (MCO), as you can use apps and games to stay in touch virtually, or help you relax.

Here are five apps for Android smartphones and iPhones to get you started.

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Traditional Rental Collection methods vs Digital Rental Collection system

Image result for rental collectionJune 13,2019, Susmita Asad, International Islamic University Malaysia Traditional Methods

Door to door collection:

The most traditional rental collection method is door to door collection. Let’s talk about the time of apartments when one building merely had 10 floors and 50 apartments. With the emergence of real estate field, condominiums  are  taking over  half of  the cities   now.

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Tenant being irresponsible to your precious property? Catch them with RentGuard!

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I am not a landlord actually, but I was once hired to evict someone. It was one of the most terrible experience that ever happened to me before. Once we went inside the unit, the smell and dust inside the unit were awful, we had to step out for a moment to think whether to continue the process or do it another time. Continue reading “Tenant being irresponsible to your precious property? Catch them with RentGuard!”

Secrets To Be A Successful And Highly Profitable Landlord

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To be a good landlord, you have no choice but to keep your tenant satisfied while they’re under your care. To help you with that, we collected some tips on how you can become a successful landlord.

1) Be professional

When communicating with clients, whether by emails or text messages, don’t ever use slang! You’re running a business, so be professional!

Image result for slang message

2) Be reachable

As a landlord, you should make yourself available for your tenant, offer multiple contacts such as phone numbers or email address. Make them think that you are easily reachable especially during emergencies.

Image result for you can't hide i'm everywhere

3) Be Smart About Rent Collection

Are you still collecting rent by showing up at tenant’s door? If yes, then you need to stop doing that. Use a secured online banking to collect the rent, make your tenants feel secured.

Image result for man in suit knocking on door

4) Be Organized

Organized all the relevant documents in your cabinet, make sure to keep it clean and tidy. You might think that being organized is not important, in reality, it is very important. Try to organize your office now, then you will know what I’m talking about.

Image result for papers everywhere

So, have you found out whether you’re a successful landlord or not? If yes, then a big congratulation to you! If not, then try to improve the situation. BUT ACTUALLY, we already have one solution for you, yes just one! And it can solve the problems above.

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Let your finger do the claim. Anytime and Anywhere with RentGuard.

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The day when you’re supposed to receive commission you got sick? But you need the money at that time? Pretty sure you can’t drive to the office since you are not feeling well. This is where you will need RentGuard System.

By using RentGuard system, an agent can claim the commission anywhere and anytime, even before you go to sleep.

Image result for thinking of money sleeping

In RentGuard system, you can make claim by online, once you completed a deal, what you need to do is fill in some details and upload all the relevant documents. Then wait for the admin to verify, once verified, you will receive the claim. That’s all! Very fast and easy to use.

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Building Inspector said ” Check Property Before Moving In “

Subang Jaya

Homebuyers, especially first-timers, should inspect their new homes before moving in to reduce the risk of defects, said building inspector Joshua Kang.

Kang, from Canaan Building Inspection, said these inspections should be carried out before owners proceed with renovations. If not, he said, there is a risk of the developer claiming a contractor caused the defects.

Inspections protect the buyer by determining and identifying who is responsible for the defects, he said.

Kang said homeowners can hire experts to inspect their property for defects and a report can be submitted to the developer to make rectifications.

After 30 days, and if there’s no response from the developer, owners can get a quote from another contractor on how much it costs to fix the defects.

“Once you’ve received the quotation from the contractor, you send the letter of intent to inform the developer,” he said.

Kang was speaking during the fair at Sunway Pyramid held from Aug 10 until today.

Sights galore: The Fair at Sunway Pyramid also featured developers, speakers and many more activities for the whole family.

The fair features speakers and experts from multiple disciplines within the real estate industry who will share their insights with visitors.

Another speaker yesterday was Jessie Lee who spoke about feng shui, who advised visitors on how to buy properties based on the flow of qi and the lay of the land.

Lee said buying a property in the right area and according to feng shui could make a purchaser prosperous.

Today’s speakers include IQI Global chief economist Shan Saeed, Asian Land Realty principal Warrick Singh, Syarikat Ong Group of Companies managing partner Agnes Wong and lawyer Alfred Chong.

Source: TheStar